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Door Bell (Slim & Battery operated)

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Looking for a Wired Door Bell for the your new home?  For SMART VIDEO Door Bell go HERE!

They gave you a nice big button, connected seamlessly to a well concealed and well placed box....but just short of the chime.  We understand this device is not easy to come by, so we try to make it easier for you to complete your new just have to supply the batteries.  If you do not wish to see another wireless doorbell button on top of your existing doorbell, well, this is the door bell that works like a "chime"!

So, why have another button on your door or above your existing doorbell button when you can simply get your electrician to install this nifty device when they install the rest of your other lightings- hassle free! Or summon the handyman in you to simply DIY!

For a additional $3.20, we will have it posted to you in a SingPost SMARTPAC Mini.  (estimated 3 - 5 working days to receive)

Installation NOT included 


Brand: CCM

Door Bell/Chime (Slim)

Material: High Quality PC Material


- Operate with 3 x ‘AAA’ Batteries (NOT included)

- Or with 220 V AC Input , Static Current <3uA

- Max loudness: 70odB

- 15 Melodies (Including “Ding Dong”) - User select/non-random

- Fine Line Trigger can be used, micro-current standby

- Anti False Trigger Circuit to effectively avoid noise caused by thunder and other interference

- Indicator: When music sounds, pilot light flashes with music



When installation to direct AC, please engage qualified electrician.

Warranty: 1 year carry-in(does not cover damage due to battery leakage) 

Availability: In Stock


    Colours Available:

    Off White (Semi glossy) only



    Fits most HDB & private apartments already fitted with door bell button


    Dimension: 87(L) x 87(W) x 35(H)mm (Thickness includes battery compartment).  [Front panel is a mere 9mm thick] -  Fits the standard DC Door Bell Point given in most HDB BTO and Condominiums in Singapore.

    There are currently 2 types of mounting points found in our local apartments & condo, depending on the type that you have, you may or may not require a KO (Knock Out) Box- picture below:

    KO Box  

    KO BOX (above)


    If your door chime point now is a square (almost flush) box(see below), you DO NOT require a KO Box (see above). 

    Square Door Chime Point: (No need KO BOX)

    Door Bell Point Square Case, No Need Box

    If however, your door chime point is a small round metal plate cover(see below), you WILL require the KO Box. 

    Round Door Chime Point: (needs KO BOX)

    Round plate door chime point, needs KO BOX

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