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Digital Door Lock (NVC P300)

Digital Door Lock (NVC P300)

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SMART IoT, WiFi Digital Door Lock

P300 Smart facial recognition digital door lock (with built-in doorbell)

Ultimate Keyless Entry:

 6 Secured Ways to Unlock with Advanced Face-recognition

Protecting your home (3-bolt mortises and dead bolt)

Enjoy the touchless unlocking experience. An upgraded smart system with automatic face-recognition, Keyless Entry Door Lock, app Control, Electronic Keypad, Wifi supported, auto-lock

English Version for Local use in Singapore with IMDA approval

NVC Digital P300 brings a convenient door opening experience by employing an accurate and efficient 3D facial recognition technology, with the false acceptance rate (FAR) less than 0.0001%*, it allows you to unlock by face scanning.

Enjoy the Touch-less Unlock Experience with 3D face Unlock Technology

With both digital door lock touch sensor and infrared smart door lock sensor on the handle, the NVC Digital P300 digital door lock door could be opened much easier. The NVC Digital P300 smart door lock is equipped with the latest & most advanced technology in the digital door lock industry that provides 3D Facial Recognition, the quickest way to unlock your smart door lock! The NVC Digital P300 electronic lock has a built-in Wi-Fi module and remote smart door lock control that allows control of the smart door lock even when you’re away from home.

So you like you door to unlock without you laying a finger on the lock.

Ultimate Keyless Entry with Built-in Fingerprint Unlocking


Auto-lock Proximity

Never obsessed with the question "Have I locked the door on the way out?" again. 

P300 is always "locking" out for you.

Auto-Lock, Extra Safety



Power outages? 

No worry! Smart Lock P300 Works even the house is out of power.



3D Facial Recognition : 

The latest & advanced technology in the digital lock provides you the quickest way to unlock your door.

Unlocking & Alarm System : 

Turn the interior handle to open. Comes with 3 types of effective alarms: anti-prying, outside forced lock & abnormal latch bolt.

Built-in Wi-Fi Module : 

A built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to connect to the Wi-Fi without a gateway. You can check the smart lock access records and PIN code information via the SmartLife app anywhere. Remote distribution of a one-time PIN code saves more time for your visitors. You don't need to worry about keeping them waiting at the door for a long time even if you are not at home.

Control Remotely : 

Manage door lock access even when you’re away from home. Create & distribute PIN codes to your guests, view real-time door log or status instantly.

Fully Auto Lock Mortise

Free Installation + Free 2 years Warranty


Available Colors


Max User Memory

1 Master (PIN), 100 User (PIN), 100 Fingerprints, 100 Face Recognition (Maskless) 

Access Mode

Mobile App, Wifi, PIN, Fingerprint, Mechanical Key, Facial Recognition

User Friendly Interface


Double Verification

PIN + Fingerprint/Face Recognition

Intrusion Prevention

Yes.  Anti Prying and Incorrect Password Alert

Out-body Dimension (W x H x D)mm

70(W) X 400(H) X 56(D)mm

In-body Dimension (W x H x D)mm

80(W) X 400(H) X 70(D)mm

Applicable Door Thickness (mm)

4cm to 12cm

Door to Gate Allowance (mm)

76mm and above

Clearance From Door Edge (mm)



1 x rechargable 5000MA battery provided 

Battery Life

Approximately 4 months (Average 10 times per day)

Availability: In Stock



Fits most Condo & private apartments, site survey appointments available.   Not recommended for areas with high human traffic facing such as lift lobby or common corridors as sensor may drain batteries prematurely.  

Other Models (Gate Models) also available.

Full Export models with all features unlocked, iDA Approved, with full English language support backed by official appointed local distributor.  Have a piece of mind during installation by authorised and well trained installers and prevent unauthorised cloning of cards.




Price includes installation.  2 years Onsite Warranty.


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