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PLUMEN® Bulbs 003 (LED)- NEW!

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The Plumen 003 is not just beautiful to look at, it makes you and your surroundings look beautiful too.

A hybrid lamp that combines the functional benefits of a spotlight with the warm, flattering omnidirectional glow of an accent light; the 003 is a new format of LED bulb.

The 003 is a centrepiece lamp that creates an atmosphere as the focal
point of any interior; the jewelled facets sparkle and there’s a magical feel in the reflected light. It’s perfect to be hung over a dining table, bar or bedside cabinet.

The Plumen 003 was designed by HULGER, Claire Norcross and Marie Laure Giroux.



245 Lumen (see graphic above) 10,000 Hours lifetime


Lamp Dimensions 135mm x 135mm x 225mm

Packaging Dimensions 148mm x 148mm x 280mm

Material: Glass & Aluminium

Dimmable*: Compatible with most trailing edge dimmers. A list of tested dimmer switches is available at


CRI > 90

Available in E27 in 230v and 120v UL and CE certified


*Dimming an energy-saving bulb is very different to dimming an incandescent bulb. As a result there is no way to guarantee compatibility with specific dimmers and bulbs without testing them. 

Dimmable Plumen bulbs should work with most trailing-edge dimmers & dimmers that state they are compatible with LEDs.

Some dimmers have a minimum load to function correctly, meaning that multiple bulbs connected to one dimmer will have better performance than a single bulb.

If your dimmer switch is more than 10 years old, it is unlikely to be compatible with any energy saving bulb due to changes in the way dimmer switches work.

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