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Track Lights GU10 Fitting (LED Bulbs and track sold separately) Megaman MOSAIC ®

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IMPORTANT: This MEGAMAN MOSAIC fitting only fits MEGAMAN GU10 PAR16 and our recommended GU10 bulbs, for other recommended fittings that fit MEGAMAN GU10 and any other GU10 PAR16 Bulbs (including PHILIPS, Innr, LIFX,etc) CLICK HERE.


Dear Customers, we have received feedbacks from some customers who came across some online merchants claiming to be Authorised Megaman Dealers, but are not listed on MEGAMAN official website.  Do ensure authenticity to be assured of adequate advice & support. 


Quick FAQs:

1. Why Dimmable LED bulbs: 

You get to adjust the brightness you require for different tasks.

2. What dimming bulbs options do i have:

We have 2 options currently:

a)5.5w Linear Dimming (Available in WarmWhite/CoolWhite/Daylight) - requires you to replace your existing ON/OFF wall switch to a dimmer switch (if you not already have one installed)

b)5.5w Step Dimming (Only WarmWhite) - in preset brightness of 100%-60%-20%, can be used with your existing ON/OFF wall switch. Each time you off the bulb, it will start at 100% brightness when you on it again.

3. I see you have 4.5w (non dim) & 5.5w (dim) bulbs, 5.5w being the brighter one, if i need a brighter bulb but do not require dimming, what should i choose?

Although 5.5w bulbs are natively dimmable, and are brighter, they can be used as normal bulbs without the need to dim (no need to install a separately dimmer),they are just at their brightest every they are being switched on.

Latest [05/07/2017] - Our latest 3-Step Dimming bulbs have been restocked and with the introductory price of $36.90 (U.P $42.90!) extended.


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Trivia: Wattage is not an accurate indication of the brightness of a LED, it is the power consumption required for the LED.  Lumens is the current measure of a LED brightness. So for a 5.5W vs 6W bulb producing the same brightness, the former, being newer is preferred.  And as technology advances, the lm/wattage (Lumen per Wattage) will continue to improve. We conveniently use Wattage as an indication of brightness, which may not be the most accurate comparison between 2 different products (especially from 2 different brands).


MEGAMAN® Zenia-Mosaic Adjustable Downlight (Track Mounted)

The MEGAMAN® MOSAIC is a compact adjustable fitting for use with LED PAR16 and MR16 reflectors to replace halogen in accent lighting applications. With adjustable 330° rotation and 90° tilt angles, the MEGAMAN® MOSAIC provides a flexible multi-directional lighting solution that is ideal for accent lighting applications. 

          • German Design & Engineering
          • High quality plastic fitting
          • Rust free
          • Easy to replace LED bulbs
          • No need for separate driver/transformer
          • Dimmable bulbs (optional)
          • No excessive heat transfer
          • No heavy and oversized base (flexibility in placement)
          • Beam Angle is between 24° to 35° (60° also available for 5.5W), all bulbs are 35° unless otherwise stated
          • Used solely with MEGAMAN® GU10 PAR16 bulbs


Fitting Colours Available:

Matt White 

Matt Black 


Bulb Colour Temp currently available (sold separately):

Warm White(2800K)

Cool White(4000K)

Daylight (6500K) -Only available in 6w dimmable

Dim to Warm (1800k - 2800k)- -Only available in 6w dimmable (Remark: Colour Temperature changes from 2800K to 1800K when dimmed from 100% to 10%)- See Video below:


See THREECUBES Review on Dim To Warm Bulbs here


Why Mosaic track lights for your home and all other indoor applications:




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Recommended Dimmer

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Model No.: F11517TA (WH/BK)

Wattage: 4W(Clearance)/6w(Clearance)/5W/5.5W/6.2W/6W dimmerable (dimmer switch sold separately)/5.5W dimmerable (dimmer switch not included)

Input: 220-240V~, 50-60Hz

Fittings and Bulbs are sold separately unless otherwise stated

Dimension: 69(L) x 58(W) x 193(H)mm

Adjustable Angle: Vertical (90°), Horizontal(330°) 


Bulbs Information:

Watts 6.2(new) 5.5 (Step dimming)  6 




Lumens (relates vaguely to brightness) 530 500 300 400 500 550
Dimmable (brightness adjustable):
-with dimmer switch (sold separately) x


-with any normal ON/OFF toggle switch (in 100%,60%,20% preset brightness) x
-with mobile application on smart devices (Bluetooth)
Colour Temperature:
Warm White (2800K) x x x(at 100%) x x
Cool White (4000K) x x x x
Day Light (6500K) x   x
Dim to Warm (1800 - 2800 when dimmed)- THREECUBES Exclusive x
Beam Angle :
24° (Flood)
35° (Wide Flood)
x x x  x               x
60° (Very Wide Flood) 
- THREECUBES Exclusive


Warranty Information: 

Bulbs rated at 15000K Operating Hours carry a 1 year warranty (Carry-in to shop)

Bulbs rated at 25000K Operating Hours carry a 2 years warrant (Carry-in to shop)


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