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MEGAMAN® Basic LED Downlight (Threecubes Singapore Exclusive) Best Seller! Currently Shipping for Free! (Singapore Only)-NOT AVAILABLE IN JB

Welcome to one of our best sellers! FREE SHIPPING (Local) for a limited time only!

We all like to have branded and quality stuffs at affordable prices.  Call us price sensitive, but we know good bargains when we come across one.  

Introducing the newest range of branded LED Downlights, quality and safety guaranteed (no void to your fire insurance).  They are slim, low profile, light weight, which also makes them easy to remove from the false ceiling (they have soft spring clips). 




What's more, they are strobe/flicker free (Protects our EYES)!

And comes with Water & Dust Protection (IP23)!

IP23 Water & Dust Protection Threecubes

Now they are priced at Taobao prices, but WITH LOCAL WARRANTY! Forget JB!  Forget accumulating any silly coupons on Qoo10!

Available only through THREECUBES LIGHTINGS SINGAPORE from only $13.90.  

Branded LED Downlights made affordable, now you can light them up too.


What is LED Flickering/Strobing? 

"Lights that flicker unintentionally can lead to discomfort. Prolonged exposure can cause headaches, dizziness, malaise, and impaired visual performance. Visible flicker — typically that which occurs between 3 and 70 Hz — has been shown in various studies to have more adverse effect on humans than invisible flicker. For lighting in areas where people remain for a significant period of time, such as offices, schools and hospitals, it is crucial to ensure that all light sources are free of visible flicker." - Taken from

See Video here (a Comparison with another well known brand):