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Are you concerned about your children's eye sight, or your own eye sight as we age, in the current age of constant interaction with digital displays where we spend almost 50% of our waking hours in front of an TV, computer or mobile phone screen?

Save Now with a EYE SAFE Lights Combo with Threecubes Today!


  • No need to choose from confusing colour temperature anymore -because we are giving you all of them(adjustable-Warm/Cool/Daylight).
  • Fret not that the casing does not match - because they are modern, minimalist design from the same brand and family
  • No need to worry there are multiple remote controls from different brands - because they can share the same control



    • No Rewiring or Changing of Wall Switches
    • Dimmable 
    • IR Remote Control 
    • Insect Free
    • Adjustable Colour (3 tones)



    • Anti Strobing/Flickering
    • Stepless , gradual & smooth dimming
    • Last on Memory Retention
    • Natural Eye Technology
    • Eye Shield Technology for cutting out BLUE Light
    • High CRI
    • Quality Build and Modern Design
    • Using Samsung LED
    • Comprehensive 2 Years Manufacturers' Warranty Coverage including 1st year ONSITE (Selected Models Only)

    Eyes Safe LED Protects Eye with Blue Light Filter Less Harmful


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